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  Autumn, October, Málaga… Greencities & Sostenibilidad. A must-see for…

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The buzz is more and more noisy, a flood of information that grows incessantly, supported by multiple surveys, hundreds of thousands of “expert”…

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These are our tweets on Smart City World Congress :

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In the Smart City Expo World Congress 2014 you will be able to handle the “Creating Smart Cities” board panel for the management of the irrigation service.

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However, as in other forums and congresses around the Smart City attended by our company, there are at least 3 issues repeated like a mantra:

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That’s it. Which would be the point of supporting smart city model that invests in gathering information about multiple services in real-time if we…

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We have been announcing it in former posts such as “Smart City and the Internet of Things.” The business unit of LOGITEK “Creating Smart Cities” expands…

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The new smart irrigation system of parks and gardens has been introduced today in Barcelona, one of the leading Smart Cities in…

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A remote management system allows real-time performance monitoring and remotely all city facilities. Increases efficiency and reduces costs exponentially.

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Big Data, the Internet of Things, Open Data, M2M, Smart Cities… all these are concepts we hear talking about very often. They are areas, ideas, paradigms…

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Smart Cities


Cities are complex real time systems that generate huge amounts of data. The intelligent use of this data, supported by information and communication technologies, can make it easier to tackle present and future challenges.

Smart cities take full advantage of the potential of these technological advances to save costs, by being more efficient, provide new economic and social services, reduce their environmental footprint, stimulate local innovation and progress towards new forms of governance.

Logitek SA, together with the Wonderware Spain integrators network, contribute to creating Smart Cities by providing technological solutions from sensors to balanced scorecards to improve cities’ efficiency and sustainability.




Wonderware software solutions help improve the management, control and supervision of essential infrastructures and services in the city, such as waste water treatment, drinking water supply, energy management, mobility and public transport.

Wonderware helps those in charge of these infrastructures to use critical data in real-time decision making and so improve efficiency and make cost savings. This information can come from various systems in the city and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a single platform.


Smart City Areas


There are numerous areas where interventions can be made to build the Smart City. The Wonderware Spain integrators network, together with Logitek’s technological consultants, are specialists in offering solutions in environmental (water and waste), energy, mobility, buildings and homes areas.




Smart Consultancy

Logitek has a team of consultants who, alongside the city’s public and private strategic players, collaborate both in defining the Smart City model and in the subsequent deployment of the various Smart technological solutions.

  • Defining the model
  • Road map
  • Initial analysis
  • Implementation

About us

A technological consulting firm with over 30 years in the field, we provide technological solutions in the industry and infrastructures sectors.

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Is our business unit responsible for the software that makes it possible to standardise and centralise control of the city’s infrastructures in real time.

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