Autumn, October, Málaga… Greencities & Sostenibilidad. A must-see for the Smart City world, and we were there introducing our latest innovations in this area.


The buzz is more and more noisy, a flood of information that grows incessantly, supported by multiple surveys, hundreds of thousands of “expert” opinions, innovative initiatives that emerge like mushrooms in the most remote places. Information grows stunningly fast, “in 2020 there will be I don’t know how many millions of connected devices, I don’t know how many hundreds of smart cities in the world…”

Smart City Expo World Congress 2014

These are our tweets on Smart City World Congress :

Smart City World Congress y Creating Smart Cities

The city of Barcelona is once again home to the Smart City Expo World Congress, the global event about smart cities. Undoubtedly, the organization has been able to strengthen a proposal which had a first edition in 2010.

Logitek, along with Wonderware Spain, has been supporting this event from its beginning. Our company has been present as partner displaying our offering of global solutions to “rethink of the present and the future of urban development.”

The 3 mantras of the Smart City

Published on 03/10/2014

Greencities Málaga 2014

“All leaders in the intelligent management of the cities in the 21st century in #GreencitiesMLG”

Plataforma Sentilo - Creating Smart Cities

That’s it. Which would be the point of supporting smart city model that invests in gathering information about multiple services in real-time if we are not able to make understandable the implemented gadgets and board panels?

Alianza entre Sigfox y Logitek

We have been announcing it in former posts such as “Smart City and the Internet of Things.” The business unit of LOGITEK “Creating Smart Cities” expands its technology solutions portfolio for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) with SIGFOX.

Sistema Inteligente de Riego en Barcelona

The new smart irrigation system of parks and gardens has been introduced today in Barcelona, one of the leading Smart Cities in the world. We are pleased because we have implemented this new system in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council!

Real Time Management

Did you consider the amount of facilities in your city that require a proper maintenance?

The Internet of People

Published on 16/09/2014

El Internet de las Cosas y la Smart City

Big Data, the Internet of Things, Open Data, M2M, Smart Cities… all these are concepts we hear talking about very often. They are areas, ideas, paradigms that overlap, support and need each other to be explained and gain sense.