The 3 mantras of the Smart City

Published on 03/10/2014

Greencities Málaga 2014

“All leaders in the intelligent management of the cities in the 21st century in #GreencitiesMLG”

This motto welcomed the visitors attending the main Smart Cities Forum in Southern Europe and we were proud participants as exhibitors. We introduced our Smart City platform for a horizontal, open management in real-time, adapted to infrastructures already existing in the city.

The organizers have hit the mark with a balanced mix of knowledge across more than 50 roundtables and networking generated among visitors and exhibitors.

The forums are organized in four scenarios addressing in parallel current matters and future trends in the area of cities of the future:

  • Technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Mobility
  • Sustainable resource management

The Smart city consists not only of technology, but also of a new course for city managers and planners allowing to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Ponentes Greencities Málaga


The 3 mantras

However, as in other forums and congresses attended by our company, there are at least 3 issues repeated like a mantra:

1. Public-private collaboration

Again, the dual collaboration manager-citizen and manager-service provider appear in discussions as challenges to overcome in order to ensure the success of a sustainable implementation of smart solutions.

Nuria en Greencities

In this regard, we emphasize the potential of innovating public purchase that arose in several discussions. Innovation in the smart city calls for the design of services in collaboration with the private sector. And this collaboration does not mean necessarily immediately the privatization of service management, but a new collaboration framework between public and private to innovate in new services. For this purpose, brave civil servants are required to push for a transversal collaboration between departments and private companies willing to abandon old clichés for the management of services allowances.

The trend towards smart cities requires new contract legal frameworks which ease  co-design and innovation between public and private sectors. New business models are also required for Smart solutions enabling a feasible public-private relationship.

There’s a way ahead to share together.

These are some of our tweets:


2. Need of a horizontal platform

This is also a familiar face among the key issues usually discussed on all meetings, trade shows… The need to implement an open, horizontal platform, which can be connected to any present and future city infrastructure, from any manufacturer, and able to manage all resources in real-time. As you know, the search for efficiency, savings and improvement of services thanks to all this data focused in one point and in real-time.

Those of you who follow us, you already know that this platform is available from our company for all cities interested. And to those who don’t follow us yet, you can meet us wherever Smart Cities are discussed or on our website.

These are some of tweets we posted during the discussions:


3. Involvement of the citizen in the Smart City

Much is discussed also about the involvement of the citizen in the Smart City, and we have too.

The citizen stays really ahead of public managers, is much more dynamic, and adopts new possibilities offered by technology naturally – certainly, at a particular level.

The challenge for managers is how to bring to the citizen the idea of Smart City without any wrong futuristic cliché, and recovering the credibility of the politicians in charge of transmitting this message.

Companies and citizens are ready. Is public administration ready too?

These are some of the tweets we published about this topic:


Which solutions did the exhibitors provide?

Stand Creating Smart Cities

The offering by the exhibitors also covers the main innovation areas for the management and improvement of city services. The visitor will find multiples Smart solutions: new energy efficiency options for the city, apps to interact with the citizen, sustainable mobility solutions, and IT solutions for a unified management of public services…

Asistentes Greencities

Again the “Creating Smart Cities” solution is gaining interest among visitors to the trade show. The city platform solution we offer does combine seamlessly with many Smart solutions than can be viewed.

Carpetas Creating en Greencities

We’ll be back to this topic on a new post.





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