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That’s it. Which would be the point of supporting smart city model that invests in gathering information about multiple services in real-time if we are not able to make understandable the implemented gadgets and board panels?

Can you imagine a Smart City full of sensors where we meet communication problems between the “minds” that sense and provide intelligence to the city?

“Interoperability and machine to machine communication need to be strategic ingredients in the deployment of the smart city”

Sentilo y Creating Smart Cities

These issues have been faced by those responsible who participate in the Smart City strategy of the city of Barcelona.

The need if understanding between platforms deployed in the city is reality. Complementarity between them must improve efficiency and effectiveness of public investment to “provide intelligence” to service management.

SENTILO (“sensor” in esperanto) is the interconnection platform of sensors and actuators available as open source software that enable to connect sensors and provide information to third-party applications. Since 2013, the City Council is using this platform to integrate data from different equipment, easing its subsequent distribution and use in applications to improve real-time management.

“CREATING SMART CITIES” by Logitek/Wonderware Spain is the real-time management and visualization platform of city infrastructures. This platform acts as a central software providing intelligence to infrastructures management from the information gathered. 

SENTILO and CREATING SMART CITIES talk and communicate among themselves offering a real solution to manage city services.

Do you know the deployment of this technology solutions for the irrigation management of parks and gardens in Barcelona?

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