Real Time Management

Did you consider the amount of facilities in your city that require a proper maintenance?

Escalators, lifts, street sensors, irrigation systems… infinite facilities involving a relevant economic and technical effort in a medium-big city for the municipality public services.

Well, a remote management system in real time enables the remote actuation and monitoring of the field elements; that means that we can gather information about the operation of the facilities without the technical staff having to go there, thus easing the maintenance management. More than this, remote management improves security issued and support to the user.


Barcelona is a good example of service since the remote management of escalators, parks, public fountains, lifts, etc. has been integrated on scale. The Environment Area and Urban Living of the City Council is working with a Facilities Management Platform that manages and integrates all systems that require monitoring and remote management on a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system.

The SCADA system of the platform is based on our technology System Platform Wonderware, which includes distributed hardware and software and enables a scalable growth. It does also simplify the integration of new systems and facilities in the city.

The Barcelona City Council relies on our consultancy services and our Wonderware solution for the maintenance and management of the Facilities Management Platform.

Do you want some introductory information about our Wonderware solution? You can do it here. Do you need more details? Then this is your Wonderware site.


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