Alianza entre Sigfox y Logitek

We have been announcing it in former posts such as “Smart City and the Internet of Things.” The business unit of LOGITEK “Creating Smart Cities” expands its technology solutions portfolio for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) with SIGFOX.

SIGFOX is the first cellular network operator that provides a custom solution for the Internet of Things and M2M applications. Using a UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) and based on radio technology, it enables a global connectivity solution thanks to an ambitious partnership program with cellular network operators. Besides, it does not require any additional cost related to geographical location or to setup the network for a specific location.

Currently, LOGITEK is a part of the SIGFOX ReadyTM solutions enablers ecosystem and we are expanding our data gathering and real time analysis solutions (Wonderware) with the new SIGFOX connectivity.


“Logitek / Wonderware Spain has chosen the Sigfox technology as platform for city field element data acquisition allowing a decrease of the necessary hardware infrastructure and reduce the maintenance costs of the equipment” David Johera, Sales Manager.


We offer to cities and its service and infrastructure providers a complete technical solution for the development of Smart Cities, from data to the command panel.

Do you want to know how it works and the possibilities we offer for connectivity in your city? Contact our specialists!








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