Autumn, October, Málaga… Greencities & Sostenibilidad. A must-see for the Smart City world, and we were there introducing our latest innovations in this area.

The organizers focused this year on the most recent trends and success stories related to innovation and sustainability at the Foro TIC & Sostenibilidad. Visitors were also able to know the newest scientific facts at Aula GreenCities. Multiple workshops and presentations of products and services were additionally added at Green-LAB.

Our company, from Creating Smart Cities de Logitek , introduced the latest innovations addressed to the Water, Energy, Mobility, Buildings and Waste segments.

It’s a full software and hardware portfolio that enable the improvement of service and infrastructure operations in the city. These solutions are tailored to existing installations and centralize the control of all systems, allowing a real-time information management on an open, scalable, modular and horizontal city platform.



We emphasized how our Smart Management Infrastructure Platform has been deployed in the Smart Water and Smart Building & Home areas.

The Smart Water solution is a remote management system for smart irrigation of urban parks and gardens. The smart irrigation management is performed through a user-friendly graphical interface that unifies the different devices deployed in the field on one platform. The operator will be able to interact with the system from a fixed or mobile independent control unit (tablet, smartphone) or integrated in a city infrastructure management horizontal platform.


In short, a set of solutions that match seamlessly the motto of this sixth edition: “Trends and solutions for cities of the future.” Nuria Jiménez, Area Manager at Logitek, took part at the GreenLab, where she provided details about two real case studies and how technology has been deployed.

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