Smart City Consultancy

We offer a consultancy service for Smart City design and planning. We seek to exploit investments to the full and adapt them to public needs.


The Smart City is built based on investments in technology made to manage infrastructures and services. Future investments and procedures need to be calibrated to be efficient with public costs and to ensure the city’s sustainability, not just economically, but socially and environmentally.

Building a Smart City calls for specialised services that make it possible to define the Smart City model to adapt to each local context and specify it in an investment road map.

“Efforts need to be dedicated in the prior Smart City planning phase. Only in this way can you exploit investment to the full and cover the needs of the citizens who live in it”

We accompany political and technical leaders in defining the Smart City model and deploying different technological solutions “from data to balanced scorecard”.

Our consultancy allows you, together with the city’s local players, to plan strategically the lines of action required and the resources that will need to be mobilised.


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