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Smart Ciy: Buildings & Homes

Buildings are responsible for over 40% of total energy consumption in the European Union. This consumption is in a phase of expansion and can be forecast to lead to increased CO2 emissions too.

This trend can be arrested by deploying technological solutions that facilitate reductions in the energy consumed by buildings, as well as the economic and environmental costs resulting from it.

We offer various technological solutions for automating building facilities and infrastructures, as well as for integral management through a single control platform. All this enables:

  • Real time monitoring of information on various building consumptions: water, electricity, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, etc.
  • Remote control of installations.
  • Detection and location of anomalies or faults, precisely, in building installations: electrical panels, lighting, HVAC systems, drainage network, etc.
  • Automatic adjustment of building comfort parameters.


Greater capacity for control and intervention in building operations makes it possible to achieve up to 30% savings in building consumptions and to reduce investments in repairs resulting from system deterioration thanks to more appropriate maintenance.

These solutions can be offered in a grouped form, so facilitating integral management of certain public services at neighbourhood level: energy, waste, water, security, accesses. Experiences such as Valdespartera in Zaragoza or areas of Barcelona represent true laboratories where we have proven our range of integral management and real time monitoring solutions.


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