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Smart City: Mobility

During the last century, the development of cities was conditioned by a pattern of mobility based on the use of private cars and over 50% of public space in cities is now designed for and dedicated to motor traffic.

This kind of mobility also generates significant environmental impacts, as road traffic is the main source of polluting gas emissions and noise in cities.

We offer city traffic managers technological solutions that provide responses to the problems the current urban mobility model generates:

  • Fitting of sensors to the traffic devices and elements to integrate them into a single control environment.
  • Simple, fully automated and completely reliable remote operation process management.
  • Full real time visibility of what is going on in the city.
  • Traffic flow analysis to prioritise emergency transport and public transport.
  • Automatic detection of offences and hazards on the roads.
  • Simulations to compare various mobility scenarios and predict possible effects.
  • Presence sensors in car parking spaces and for demand management.
  • More automated processes in the public transport network
  • Systems for real time communication between vehicles, users and infrastructures.
  • Systems for diagnosis and preventive maintenance of the public vehicle fleet.

Applying our technological solutions to managing urban mobility results in:

  • Reduced congestion of road infrastructures.
  • Optimisation of services for public transport.
  • Reduction in the use of private cars.

Increased accessibility and road safety. 


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