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Smart City: Waste

Street cleaning and waste collection and treatment services represent a high economic cost for cities. Smart Cities face the challenge of improving the efficiency of these services in a scenario in which the trend is for municipal waste generation to grow at a rate of 0.6% per year.

At Logitek we contribute to cities improving the operating performance of waste collection and treatment services through technologies that enable:

  • The equipping with sensors of the various collection service elements so as to see variables in real time, such as the filling of containers or the exact location of collection vehicles.
  • Automation of processes in waste receipt, treatment and separation plants.
  • Comprehensive control of the municipal waste cycle through a single control platform.


Using these types of solutions you can:


  • Increase the efficiency of waste treatment operations by optimising collection routes, with significant savings.
  • Increase the fraction of waste that can be recovered in the plant and reduce dumped waste.
  • Improve preventive maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Adjust service costs to real demand.
  • Use incentives to increase waste reuse and recycling.

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