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Smart City: Water

Water is the city’s most prized resource and its smart management is one of the main challenges faced by Smart Cities.

Based on our cities’ inefficient water management and treatment system, up to 50% of the water entering the system is lost through leaks in water infrastructures. On the one hand, cities have drinking water supply networks which have deteriorated, with low rates of renewal with more efficient materials and, on the other, there are waste water treatment plants that have not progressively changed their dimensions as the city’s population increases.

Not only does this inefficiency lead to significant environmental impacts in the city, it also impacts municipal budgets, as isolated solutions are provided in turn, as well as producing access and supply problems or bad smells due to lack of proper purification.

However, this solution is capable of being reversed. We offer public authorities and companies that manage the integral water cycle technological solutions that enable them to:

  • Fit sensors to and automate the infrastructures that comprise the water cycle in cities: treatment and purification processes, supply networks, sewers, etc.
  • Centralise and monitor the information from the municipal water cycle in a single management platform.
  • Deploy remote reading systems using smart water meters.
  • Adapt the water needs of green zones using smart irrigation systems.


These technologies enable:

  • Remote control of facility operations.
  • Efficient management of facility planning, operation and maintenance.
  • Detection of leaks and incidents in the network.
  • Real time control of water quality and consumption.
  • And increased efficiency in irrigation systems in public spaces.

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